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    Marketing Communications maintains this list of all staff and faculty who have access to the Ektron content management system. If you have an update to this list, please notify webservices@hamline.edu.

    Last updated: June 2013  

    Name   Department Role
    Aaron McKain English support
    Alex Randolph ITS admin
    Amanda Roll-Kuhne Provost primary
    Amy Offerman HSB primary
    Andrea Budke HSB support
    Angie Dowdle Accounting primary
    Anne Pierre President's Office primary
    Annie Bigley Admissions primary
    Arthur Guetter Phi Beta Kappa support
    Becky Kaarbo Student Activities support
    Ben Phillip ITS support
    Brinkley Prescott HSE - CGEE support
    Candy Hart Archives primary
    Caroline Hilk Center for Teaching and Learning support
    Christine Higgins IOCP primary
    Christine Rousu CWP primary
    Chue Za Yang Safety and Security primary
    Clare Brown Finance primary
    Colleen Clish HSL support
    Collette Litzinger Marketing/CLA support
    Daniel Campbell Strategic Communications/Marketing admin
    Dave Jarzyna HSL primary
    Dave Wright Athletics primary
    Dawn Bullerman Student Accounts support
    Debra Berghoff HSL - DRI support
    DeeDee LeMier CDC support
    Domingo Coto First-Year Programs support
    Donna Carlier Development and Alumni Relations support
    Donna Rauch Business Law Institute support
    Emily Niemczyk CLA - science division support
    Emy Farley Registration and Records primary
    Frank Shaw      CLA - Mathematics      support
    Gail Nosek Strategic Communications admin
    Guadalupe Banuls ITS primary
    Gwenn Sherburne Registration and Records primary
    Hussein Rajput Counseling and Health Services primary
    Jackie Johnson Study Abroad support
    JacQui Getty Strategic Communications admin
    Jamie McClary HSB support
    Jane Telleen President's Office primary
    Jane Turk Wesley Center support
    Jason Gerstenkorn International and Off Campus programs primary
    Jason Jacobson Center for Academic Services primary
    Javier Gutierrez Residential Life support
    Jon Neilson Bush Library primary
    Judy Gunnarson CLA - Legal Studies support
    Kari Winter Health Law Institute support
    Kasia Mcmahon School of Education support
    Kate Borowske Bush Library support
    Kathryn Malody CLA - Biology support
    Kathy Spray Financial Aid support
    Keisha Blackman Hedgeman Center primary
    Kelly Christ Marketing support
    Ken Dehkes Facilities primary
    Kevin Watson Development and Alumni Relations primary
    Kim Koeppen Faculty Council primary
    Kim LaMere Dean of Students support
    Lamar Shingles Campus Recreation primary
    LaToya Beck Residential Life primary
    Laurie Schwaab CLA support
    Lisa Deutsch Facilities primary
    Lynette Wahl Financial Aid support
    Mandy Hansen HSL primary
    Margot Howard Wesley Center support
    Marisa Geisler HSE - ATLAS support
    Mary Davis CLA - fine arts division support
    Mary Velline Events support
    Matt Beehr Institutional Research primary
    Melissa Embser-Herbert CLA - Sociology support
    Mike Gerold Residential Life support
    Molly Doran HSE - Continuing Studies support
    Molly Hoffman IOCP support
    Molly McAvoy Ombuds primary
    Naomi Golden CAS support
    Nick Schlotter CLA - Chemistry support
    Oyuna Uranchimeg Career Development Center primary
    Pamela Burger Hamline International Piano Institute primary
    Patricia Palmerton CLA - Communications Studies support
    Patti Joseph Legal Assistant support
    Pres Martin CLA - Biology support
    Rachel Endo Teacher Education support
    Rhonda Isaacs HSE - MMERC support
    Ryan Rasmussen Financial Aid primary
    Rylee Erickson HSE support
    Sara McLain Student Accounts primary
    Sara Robertson HSE - CGEE support
    Shawn Hubert HSE primary
    Silvester Vicic Sundin Music Hall primary
    Stachia Ullman HSL support
    Steph Wilenchek Hedgeman Center support
    Steve Rose Human Resources primary
    Susie Steinbach Director of Honors Program support
    Suda Ishida CLA - Communications Studies support
    Tom Wurdock ITS admin
    Tony Gillen Strategic Communications/Marketing admin
    Tracey Peters Events primary
    Tracy Williams Institutional Research primary
    Travis Erickson HSE support
    Wendy Burns Student Activities primary
    Wendy Wendt VanGuilder Payroll support
    Wendy Werdin CLA - Humanities support