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    Editorial Services

    When beginning a project with the team, the submitted copy will automatically be edited for grammar, spelling, and Hamline University style before it is placed in a communication piece. After reviewing the first proof, it will be looked at again to catch layout and other style errors. While we provide this service to the university, ultimately responsibility for proofreading and content resides with you.

    What is Hamline University style?

    Hamline style is the set of grammar and editorial conventions all Hamline publications -- print or electronic -- are required to follow. It is based on the The Chicago Manual of Style and ensures that all Hamline publications refer to things in the same way.

    Hamline editorial and graphic identity guidelines are detailed in the Brand Identity Guide.

    Can't remember whether or not to capitalize titles, or what numbers to spell out? Keep a copy of our Editing Checklist on hand for answers to the most common questions about Hamline style.