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    Turning Point Clicker

    What Are "Clickers"?

    With student response technology, an instructor can immediately gather real-time feedback of course material. Students engage using a ResponseCard NXT clicker to select from a set of multiple choice options. Instructors can then display a chart of the aggregate student responses. As results display, students can see where their comprehension level compares to others and instructors can adapt their teaching in class. ResponseCards can be registered or assigned to an individual student and responses can be saved for data analysis.

    Benefits of Student Clickers

    • Allows every student to participate - even in large lecture environments
    • Engages students in active learning
    • Increases students' attention and interest
    • Promotes class discussion and student collaboration
    • Increases student retention of lecture content and information
    • Provides instructors and students with immediate feedback on student understanding of learning concepts

    How Clickers Can Be Used in Class

    • To facilitate class discussions through opinion polls
    • To guide and adapt lectures by collecting immediate feedback
    • To collect data efficiently in order to assess student participation and understanding as well as class structure and learning preferences throughout the duration of the course

    PDF .pdfComprehensive Overview of the Uses and Benefits of Clickers

    PDF .pdf Learning Theories Applied to Clickers

    Tips for Successful Clicker Uses

    PDF .pdf Practices That Lead to Successful Clicker Use

    5 Things to Know About ResponseCard NXT Clickers

    • Students can use their own clicker throughout their entire college career
    • Students receive visual confirmation of transmission via the LCD screen
    • ResponseCard NXT has a 6-12 month battery life
    • ResponseCard NXT requires NO additional registration fees
    • Lightweight and durable enclosure allows for easy transportation