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    Media Services

    Media Services provides and delivers equipment (projectors, sound systems, tape recorders, VCRS, etc.) to classrooms. They also offer general video, satellite, AV equipment, info channel, media access, and films & videos services. 


    Brian Johnson
    Audio/Visual Systems & Support Architect

    (651) 523-2566

    Please fill out the ONLINE Audio-Visual Request Form to submit your request to Media Services at least two days prior to the date needed.

    Student A/V Equipment Rental Students can contact the Service Desk ((651) 523-2220 or its-service@hamline.edu) about checking out the following equipment: digital camcorders, portable overhead projectors, digital audio recorders, and tape recorders.

    General Video Services
    The campus has been cabled for video and 99% of the classrooms have VCR-monitor units installed that are also connected to the campus cable system. Click here to get the Cable guide for Hamline Cable System.

    There should be an overhead projector in each classroom. Most classrooms have been equipped with a Tech Podium - instructional technology equipment to display data, audio, and video from a variety of sources - Internet, CD, DVD, campus network, etc.

    Satellite Services
    The campus has 2 satellites. One satellite is used exclusively to download SCOLA. This channel shows news programs from around the world and can be seen on channel 39.

    The other satellite is used to download programs for instructional use.  The channel number used to display them varies.

    AV Equipment
    Faculty, staff, students, and student organizations may arrange to use the following equipment:
    * slide projectors
    * cassette players
    * VHS and S-VHS camcorders
    * microphones and speakers
    * audio and video editing equipment
    * audio and video dubbing equipment
    * portable overhead projectors 

    Campus Info Channel
    The info channel is displayed at public locations across campus and is maintained by the Communications Office in University Relations. These channels can be seen by dorm residents.

    Media Access Equipment
    The Media Equipment office is located in the Bush Library Basement.
    Two TV-VCR units for watching videos and a laser-disc player with monitor for watching laser discs are available. All of this equipment has head-phone jacks that can accommodate up to 4 viewers.
    There is also an audio tape duplicating machine and a TV set that is usually used by students to watch SCOLA broadcasts.

    Listening Lab is located in the 3rd floor of the Bush Library.
    The Listening Lab contains compact disc and cassette decks, as well as the music collection.

    Films & Videos
    Bush Library maintains Hamline's own film and video collection and can arrange for checkout of materials from other CLICNET schools.

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    Internet Explorer (IE) versions 10 and lower will no longer be supported by Microsoft beginning January 12, 2016. ITS will deploy Internet Explorer version 11 on Wednesday, January 20.

    WebTop and FileAccess applications were decommissioned (taken out of service) on Sunday, January 3. Going forward, you may use Virtual Desktop (VDI) to connect remotely to Hamline's network.

    On Monday, November 9, 2015, Computerworld announced that Hamline University CIO Mark Kondrak was named a 2016 Premier 100 Technology Leaders honoree.

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