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  • The Knowledge Base

    The Knowledge Base is a repository of information available to you anytime anywhere. You can come back anytime using this address www.hamline.edu/knowledgebase

    Are you new to Hamline? 
    • Get Started Guide: A step by step guide of technological resources.
    • The Basics: The Knowledge Base page has all the basic information you may need.
    • Hamline IDs & Passwords: Understand the relationships between the student IDs and passwords.   


  •   Login links are available at : top right area of any HU page  

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  • essential applications for Teaching and Learning:     

    Google Mail Bb-Logo-with-Tagline-(web1)
    Google: e-mail and calendar system powered by Google Apps for Education
      Student, Staff, Faculty
    Blackboard: Hamline University course management system
          Faculty        Student  
    Piperline fileaccess
    Piperline: the system that provides you access to your Hamline records  FileAccess : web-based file storage system with a 200 MB "private" space per student

    Administrative resources and applications:

    Active Directory: is a technology that enables applications to find, use, and manage directory resources (such as user names, network printers, and permissions) 

      ListServ: is a  service that allows easy dissemination of information to particular groups of people  
    Banner: is an application suite of software for higher education providing solutions for all major components of the campus
      Proofpoint: a new and improved version of the anti-spam system
    Crystal: is a highly functional windows - based report writing program, designed to work with your database to help you analyze and interpret important information   FileAccess: web-based file storage system with a 200 MB "private" space per student

     Additional applications

    Office 2007: A suite of administrative, communications and business applications including Access, Excel,  PowerPoint and Word   
    2007 : is a word processor that offer enhanced features to create professional-quality documents
    Excel 2007:
    is a powerful spreadsheet application that allows the easy analysis and manipulation of data using tables, formulas  and graphs

    Power Point 2007: is a program used to create presentations  with a video or a slide projector 





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