• Creating Exams with Respondus

    After having downloaded and installed Respondus to your computer, you are ready to start building your Respondus exam. Click here to view the Respondus Exam Features

    1. Open Respondus and set / verify the appropriate version of Respondus to Blackboard version 7.x - 9.x.
    2. Click on the Create button.
    3. Add a title to the Respondus file.
    4. Add an optional description.
    5. Choose whether you are creating an exam or a survey.
    6. Click on the OK button.  

    Creating a Question

    You will be using the Edit menu to create or edit questions. Watch a video on Creating and Formatting Questions with the Edit Menu.

    Respondus Edit Menu Screenshot
    1. Select a question type from the tabs along the left.
    2. Enter the question text in the question template.
    3. Add formatting to the question text using the toolbar options.
    4. Specify the correct answer (if applicable) and the point value.
    5. Click the Preview button to preview the question. 
    6.  When ready, click the Add to End of List or Insert into List button.
    7. The question will appear in the Question List at the bottom of the screen. 

    Importing Questions From Other Formats

    Existing questions can be imported from other file formats, such as MS Word.

    1. From the Start menu, select Import. 
    2. Select the Type of File being imported (MS Word, Rich Text, CSV).
    3. Make sure that the file to be imported follows the formatting guidelines provided in the online help (very important).
    4. Browse to and select the fi le being imported.
    5. Preview the import results to check for errors, then click Finish to complete the import.

    Using The Exam Wizard

    Use The Exam Wizard to create a new exam by copying questions from other Respondus files.

    1. From the Start menu, select the Exam Wizard.
    2. Select the first option to Create a new exam and copy questions to it. Click Next.
    3. Enter a name and description for the new file. Click Next.
    4. Select the Respondus “source” files from where the exam questions will be copied. Click Next.
    5. From the pull-down list, select one of the source fi les from the previous step.
    6. Select either the Automatic Selection or Manual Selection option and then select questions from the source file.
    7. Add the selected questions to the list in the lower section by selecting Add to End of List or Insert into List.
    8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 until the desired questions are selected. Click Next.
    9. The new file has been created. Choose from the options shown and click Finish.