• Academic and Administrative Technology Plan

    The Academic and Administrative Technology Plan (AATP) was developed over the prior year with community participation, and review and consent of the Information Technology Strategic Advisory Council (ITSAC).

    The AATP intends, through technological innovation, to create an environment wherein the pursuit of outstanding academic achievement is aided through a customer-centric focus and support for every student. The role of the plan in the overall framework of the university is to enhance how technology is used for learning, collaboration and to sustain Hamline's institutional effectiveness.

    The plan seeks to accomplish this by providing superior end-user support as well as contemporary or even state-of the-art tools and solutions to encourage the ability for both faculty and staff to excel at their given areas of expertise and service to the Hamline community. Through faculty and staff development, improvements in process automation, cleaner, accurate and more abundant data, the plans’ strategic outcome will create and sustain Hamline’s technological readiness.

    This new and emerging technological readiness will allow the university to meet the challenges of the information economy of the 21st century, and as a result support our continued ability to be an institution of academic distinction.



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