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    Your Hamline Account and Wireless access

    Your Hamline Account is used to access campus resources such as: computers in a computer lab, office, or classroom,  the local network, the wireless network, as well as Hamline Google Mail, Blackboard, LearningHouse, library tools, etc.

    You can change your Hamline Account password at the Hamline Password Reset Page. If you'd like step-by-step instructions, read the Hamline Password Reset Guide (PDF). 

    Need help to understand the different account and passwords at Hamline?, please check the Hamline IDs and Passwords guide (PDF).

    How to Connect to the Campus Wireless Network

    All Hamline University buildings that directly affect students, teaching, and learning are served by secure wireless connectivity.

    Windows based machines

    • Open “Network Connections” in the Control Panel and right-click on your wireless network connection or right-click on your task bar icon and select “View Available Wireless Networks”
    • Highlight (click) HU and click the “Connect” button.
    • When prompted, enter your Hamline username and password and click connect.

    Mac OS based machines

    • Open “System Preferences” and click on “Network,” select “Airport” and click the “Connect” button.
    • Turn the Airport on if it is not already and select HU.
    • When prompted, enter your Hamline username and password and click connect.

    Need Help Connecting to the Campus Wireless Network? 
    Check out our Wireless Troubleshooting Tips.


  • Tech News
    • Hamline's current Academic Technology Support Specialist will be leaving Hamline for another opportunity so please direct your academic technology support-related requests to the ITS Help Desk until a replacement has been found.
    • Watch out for a phishing email that asks you to enter your ID and password.
    • Hamline ITS is aware and assessing the risks.