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    Printing/Copying Equipment on Campus  

    Printing/copying equipment is available in the computer labs and across campus.

    Hamline University uses a billing code based printing/copying solution. All of the computer labs and public printer/copiers are under this billing code system. This system simply requires a unique billing code that is associated with each Hamline ID. Students printing/copying charges are billed to their student account, while staff and faculty members printing/copying charges are assigned to their department's account.

    To  find a list of your printing/copying jobs, go to Piperline > Additional Services > Display Printing/Copying Detail. If you have any questions or problems use the Email Question link at the bottom of the Display Printing/Copying Detail screen.

    Know Your Printing/copying Code

    The Printing/Copying Billing Code:
      - is a unique number that is assigned only to you.
    - is NOT the same as the Piperline PIN.
      - is encoded on the magnetic stripe on the back of your Hamline ID card.

    Follow these steps to find your Printing/Copying Billing Code in Piperline: 
      1.- Log in to Piperline.
      2.- Click on Personal Information.
      3.- Click on ID Card Information. The page will display your Printing/Billing Code.

    Using Printing/Copying Equipment on Campus

    To print from a Hamline University public computer, prepare your document as usual and click "Print" icon in whichever program you are using. A small dialogue box will appear asking you to enter your Printing/Copying Billing Code. You can then send the print job to the selected printer by typing in your unique Printing/Copying Billing Code and pressing ENTER. A second dialogue box pops up informing you of the total cost of the print job; you can cancel the print job at that point and no charges will be assessed. If you do not wait for the second dialogue box to calculate the cost and you send the print job, you will be charged for that print job (even if it is not what you intended to print). The charge for the printing will automatically be billed to your account at 10 cents per page. 

    When you wish to use copiers on campus, simply swipe your ID in the card reader. All copying will be automatically billed to your account.

    Questions Regarding Printing Charges and/or Your Account?


    Students can contact Student Accounts in the Office of Student Administrative Services at  651-523-3000 or via email. You may also stop by the Office of Student Administrative Services (SAS is on the first floor of the East Hall Building, Room 113E).

    Staff and faculty members can use the Email Question link at the bottom of the Display Printing/Copying Detail screen (Piperline > Additional Services > Display Printing/Copying Detail).