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    Obtaining your Hamline Identification Card

    The Hamline ID Card is the official identification card for every student, faculty member, and staff member at Hamline University.

    Cards can be obtained at the Office of Safety and Security located in Bush Center, 1551 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104.

    The Hamline ID Card is required for using university facilities, participating in university-sponsored events, acquiring academic information, and qualifying for university discount opportunities. Use your Hamline ID for:

    • Library services
    • Dining services
    • On campus copiers/printers
    • Building access
    • Counseling and Health Services
    • Equipment checkout
    • Recreation facilities
    • Athletic events

     The Hamline ID Card is also used on campus as a source of identification. Without your card, you may not have access to certain privileges.

    Your Hamline ID Card contains the following information:

    Front of ID Card
    Back ID card

    Lost or Stolen Card?

    Immediately report the card lost to the Office of Safety and Security by calling 651-523-2100.

    There is a $20 fee to replace your Hamline ID Card.

    U.S. Bank ATM/Debit Card

    You can also use your Hamline ID as your U.S. Bank ATM/Debit Card when you open a U.S. Bank checking account. Visit USBank for more information.