• Camtasia Relay at Hamline

    Camtasia Relay is a software program designed to record whatever is on the presenter's computer screen, in a simple to use interface. Camtasia Relay has the ability to record a computer screen, microphone, and webcam in a single video. Additionally, Camtasia Fuse is the mobile version of Relay that is available on iOS and Android devices.

     Camtasia Relay offers Hamline University faculty many affordances, such as:

    • Faculty have the option to flip their class lecture. Flipping your lecture refers to (in simple terms) recording your lecture and making it available to your students (via a link in Blackboard) before class and asking your students to view the lecture online and to be prepared to discuss the content in class. By flipping your class session, students will have more time for class discussion and more time to connect with the content.
    • Demonstrating a piece of software to your class.
    • Demonstrating how to navigate a website.
    • Narrating a PowerPoint presentation. In fact, once you install Camtasia Relay on your work computer, the next time you open up PowerPoint you will see a Camtasia Relay Add-In feature in your PowerPoint interface, which will allow you to record a PowerPoint presentation with narration.
    • Provide video feedback on an assignment.
    • Record anywhere on a compatible mobile device

    So what do I have to do to install Camtasia Relay?

    Go to the Camtasia Relay Tutorials page to find out more.

    Camtasia Fuse for mobile devices can be found in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.