• National Survey of Student Engagement Results

    What Are Students Getting From Their Hamline Education?

    The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) has identified 5 indicators of effective educational practice:

    • Level of Academic Challenge

    • Active and Collaborative Learning

    • Enriching Educational Experiences

    • Student-Faculty Interaction

    • Supportive Campus Environment

    Based on students' responses to the 2012 NSSE, here is how Hamline is doing in the following areas: (Click any link to view graph)

    Applying Theories

    Community Service and Volunteer Work

    Examined the Strengths and Weaknesses 

    Educational Experience 

    Response Breakdown

    If you are interested in additional results from the 2012 NSSE or archived results that demonstrate the benefits and experiences a Hamline education provides, please contact us at inst-research@hamline.edu.