• Newsletter

    The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment publishes a monthly newsletter detailing the latest research findings in the Hamline community. Please click on an issue below to download the PDF file.

    January 2015

    Hamline students have many majors to choose from-but which are most popular? Find out this as well as where our students work after graduation in this month's issue of The Monthly Stat!

    December 2014

    The results from the Beginning College Survey of Student Assessment are in! Find out more about the incoming first-year students in this issue and be sure to check out the guest statue! 

    November 2014

    How many women and men are attending Hamline? What are their majors? The Monthly Stat explores this in the November issue, as well as breakdowns of enrollment over time. 

    October 2014

    Earlier this year, Performance Enhancement Group Ltd. conducted an Alumni Attitudes Study. We have worked with the Alumni Relations Office to bring some results of the study to the October Monthly Stat in this month's theme, Alumni Attitudes! 

    September 2014

    Have you ever needed a fact or figure to describe something about Hamline University? This month, The Monthly Stat describes how to use the Common Data Set, which The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment complies every year.

    August 2014

    The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment explores the leisurely activities of first year students as well as future goals in the August issue of The Monthly Stat. 

    July 2014 

    How many transfer students are from Minnesota? How many transfers students study abroad? Find all this and more in the July issue of The Monthly Stat!

    June 2014

    End of year advising is highlighted this month and features many attributes Hamline advisors offer!

    May 2014

    Many Hamline students complete research projects on and off campus. This month explores the year to year occurrences and statuses of research projects.

    April 2014

    As graduation approaches, seniors reflect on their opportunities and experiences here at Hamline University.  

    March 2014

    In honor of National Women’s History Month, data has been compiled to show the enrollment of degree seeking undergraduate and graduate women at Hamline since 2008. Special congratulations to Brinkley Prescott for finding Bishop Leo in the February issue! 

    February 2014

    The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment takes a look at study abroad and degrees awarded in the February issue of The Monthly Stat. Congratulations to Kari McMartin for successfully finding Bishop Leo! 

    January 2014

    This month features student perspectives ranging from high school to Hamline. Notable highlights include a feature on Margot Howard of the Hancock Hamline collaborative, and Lisa Deutsch from Facilities.

    December 2013

    Why do students choose Hamline University? This month, first-year data is analyzed to break down the top reasons and demographics of students.

    November 2013

    Data from the 2013 Senior Survey, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and Census Day is broken down into interesting facts from the eyes of Hamline University students.

    October 2013

    The first issue of The Monthly Stat features our office as well as facts from the various surveys we compile and participate in. Can you find where Bishop Leo is hiding in this issue?