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    Training & Development

    Emerging Leaders

    Emerging Leaders is a 4 session, 6 month program in which we ignite the positive power of leadership by helping leaders and individual contributors better understand themselves, develop strong teams, and make thoughtful decisions based on organizational decision-making ability. Emerging Leaders has been conducted over 30 times by organizations across the U.S. for high-performing employees. We are offering it as a part of our commitment to develop the whole person and create the finest leaders in higher education. Everyone (faculty and staff) is encouraged to apply, even if you aren't in a leadership position right now. Our program has resulted in 15 graduates who have learned more about themselves and how to support others.

    If you are interested and have attended one of the informational sessions, please apply here: Emerging Leaders Participant Application

    If you are interested and and have attended one of the informational sessions, your leader needs to endorse you here: Emerging Leaders - Leader Endorsement

    If you are interested and did not attend one of the informational sessions, please contact Julie Kline at: jkline04@hamline.edu or 651-523-2021

    Supervisor Training

    Mandatory training session are offered to supervisors on a periodic basis.

    HUSA - Sponsored Training

    The Hamline University Staff Association periodically sponsors training for employees.  Please refer to Inside Hamline or the HUSA website for the details of these sessions