• Summer Housing

    Summer Housing

    Information for undergraduate students and law/graduate students currently living on campus. 

    Summer housing is offered in one designated residence hall, the Hamline apartments, and Hamline houses. Please see housing options for eligibility.

    Graduate students who are seeking short term housing while they attend a summer class/program should see the short-term housing for law and graduate students webpage for housing information.

    Summer Housing Options

    Residence Halls

    Undergraduate and and law/graduate students who currently live on campus must have active student status and be enrolled in a summer class or registered for fall classes to be eligible for summer housing.  

    Double room and single room options are offered in one designated building. Current rates are $20 per day for a space in a double room and $25 per day for a single room. Students can choose to live on campus for the full summer by choosing Interim I and Interim II. Students will stay in their current room during Interim I and then move into their summer room on the summer housing start date.  If a student has a fall housing assignment they can apply for Interim II housing and move directly from their summer room into their fall room. The summer housing rates apply for every day the student lives on campus. Students may also choose any time range between the summer housing start and end dates. The submission deadline for summer housing application is May 1 for residents who live in the residence hall designated for summer housing and wish to stay in their current room for the summer. Applications will be accepted after that date and students will be placed on a first come first serve basis. Single rooms are limited. Students applying for housing in a double room will be assigned a roommate.    

    Hamline Apartments 

    Current apartment residents are eligible for summer apartment housing provided they have active student status and are either enrolled in a summer class or registered for fall classes

    Summer housing dates in the Hamline apartments are June 1 to July 25. The submission deadline for the summer housing application is May 1. Applications submitted after May 1 will be accepted and placements will be made only if space is available.  Housing charges for summer apartment housing vary by apartment style.

    Hamline Houses  

    Current house residents and students who have signed a fall contract for a house space are eligible for summer in a Hamline house provided they have active student status and are either enrolled in a summer class or registered for fall classes.  

    In group houses, at least two students must be living in the house during the summer for safety reasons.   

    Application Process

    Complete and submit the online Summer Housing Application. The preferred deadline is May 1. Applications submitted after that date will be accepted and placement will be made only if space is available.

    Complete the Summer Housing Application online. 


    Charges for the full summer are applied to each resident’s student account and are due on June 1.

    Summer Collaborative Research

    Students who are participating in the summer collaborative research program who apply to live in on-campus housing will receive a housing credit that will cover the cost of a space in a double room for up to 10 weeks. Students who chose to live in a double room will be assigned a roommate. Students who upgrade to a single room, apartment space or stay more than ten weeks will be responsible for paying the difference between the summer housing charge and the housing credit. Students will need to provide the name of the research department and professor on their summer housing application.