• Hamline University Guest House

    Welcome to Hamline University!

    Our purpose is to create a positive environment on campus for visiting faculty, university guests, and faculty/staff candidates. Guests of administration, faculty, or staff of Hamline University are welcome to stay at the Guest House on campus when sponsored by a Hamline department (Guest House is not handicap accessible).  

    For additional questions or to make a reservation at the Guest House, please email the Guest House Manager Shelley Burton at mburton03@hamline.edu.

    Please book your Guest House reservations at least two weeks in advance.

    Online Reservation Form

    Guest House Details

    The Hamline University Guest House is located at 1538 Englewood Avenue. It has three guest bedrooms with a shared bathroom on the upper level (not handicap accessible). The main level has a shared living room, reading room, and dining room. Guests are responsible for making their bed, including linen exchanges, which will be made available by the Guest House Coordinator. Our ABM Services coordinates daily light cleaning and maintenance. Trash removal is once a week. 

    Guest House Accommodations

    A queen bed, cable TV, and wireless internet . The dining room has a microwave and refrigerator for snacks. However, no cooking facilities are available. 

    Towels, linens, and toiletries are provided. Also available are ironing boards, irons, and a hair dryer for guests (can be found in hallway closet). 

    Guest Eligibility

    Guest eligibility is open to administration, faculty members, staff members, faculty/staff candidates, and immediate family members of a currently registered Hamline students. Rooms can be reserved by Hamline University departments or by individual guests. Hamline University undergraduate students are not eligible to stay at the Guest House. Hamline University Law and Graduate students may stay at the Guest House.


    Rooms are billed at a rate of  $50 per night. Reservations for more than 10 days will be billed at the rate of $40 per night. Charges will be applied to the sponsoring department's account (provided in the reservation form). A transfer of funds form will be sent via campus mail to complete the transaction. Please sign and return this form to MB 2413 within 48 hours of receipt. Reservations made by individual guests must be paid by check made payable to "Hamline University" on the day of departure. No other forms of payment will be accepted.

    Length of Stay

    Guest House accommodations are intended for short term stays typically ranging from one night to two weeks. If you would like to request a longer stay for your guest, please consult the Guest House Coordinator. Reservations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis and can be made using the link at the bottom of this page.


    The guest will receive a key to the house and their room during check-in. Check-in can be arranged by a host. During the academic school year, a guest can pick up the keys from the Sorin Information Desk. During the academic year the Sorin Information Desk Hours are:

    Mon - Thurs: 11 a.m. - Midnight 

    Friday:  1 p.m. - 2 a.m. 

    Saturday:  1 p.m. - 1 a.m. 

    Sunday:  5 p.m. - Midnight  

    Sorin Hall is located on Englewood Avenue across from the Guest House. 


    Guests can have meals arranged through Dining Services charged back to their sponsoring department. Please indicate the dollar amount to be placed on the meal card while filling out your reservation. If the meal card is requested, it will accompany the keys and the guest will have access to all dining services on campus - Bishop's Bistro, Piper Grill, Leo's Corner (C-Store), and Klas Subway. 


    Check-out time is 3 p.m. Upon checking out, guests should lock the main door and leave the keys at the Sorin Front Desk (across the street), or arrange for their host to deliver them to the Sorin Front Desk the following day. 

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