• Housing Applications

    Housing Applications

    Read about our application process for:

    New Students (First Year & Transfer Students)
    Returning Undergraduate and Law/Graduate Students
    Special Requests and Accommodations
    Requesting an Accommodation
    Meal Plan Exemptions

    New Students (First Year & Transfer Students)

    Reserve Your Room in 4 Steps 

    1. Learn about living on campus

    • Carefully review the Residential Life website and the Hamline housing contract.

    • Plan a visit. Call the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 651-523-2207 or 800-753-9753 to arrange a visit during which you can tour residence halls.

    • Attend Piper Preview, the required first-year summer orientation program. Tour residence halls, register for fall classes, and meet faculty and staff members and current students.

    • Law/Graduate students: To request a law school campus visit call 651-523-2461. Graduate students can call 651-523-2900 to request a tour with their respective school.

    2. Your university deposit

    • If you have not already done so, send a check for $400 and the “Make Known” form to: Office of Undergraduate Admission, Hamline University , MS-C1930, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104.

    • Deposits can also be made online, via Piperline, Hamline’s secure website for student services. Please note that no additional deposit is collected for undergraduate students who apply to live on campus.

    • Law/graduate students please contact the Office of Residential Life to submit your housing deposit.

    3. Submit your online housing application

    • In April you will receive instructions on using the online housing application. 

    • Please note:

      • The housing contract is for the entire academic year. Please refer to the online residence hall and meal services contract for details on the cancellation and contract release process.

      • If you need accessible housing, identify as transgender, or need a single room for a medical or emotional accommodation, please contact the Office of Residential Life directly.

      • Housing assignments are only made for students who complete and submit the online application and housing contract.

      • By submitting your online housing application, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures as stated in the residence hall and meal services contract. Additionally, you agree to conduct yourself in a manner that is conducive to the educational goals of Hamline University. Please retain and file this brochure and your contract with your important papers.


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    Returning Undergraduate and Law/Graduate Students

    Each March returning undergraduate students have the opportunity to select their rooms and roommates for the upcoming academic year. Information that outlines the apartment and room selection process is included in our Room Selection Instructions which is emailed to residential students in March via their Hamline email address. Students who do not participate in these events can still apply for housing by submitting a housing application, but may not be able to choose their room or roommate. Housing applications are accepted until all available spaces have been filled. 

    Returning Law and Graduate students may hold their current spaces by contacting the Residential Life Office in February. Students who desire a different space on campus should work directly with the Residential Life Office to secure a space.

    Find room selection information by clicking here.

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    Special Requests and Accommodations

    The Office of Residential Life is committed to holistic learning and supporting the academic mission of the University. We believe that living on campus offers valuable living and learning experiences and want to make sure that all students who with reside with us have the best living experience possible. Students who have physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities (walking, learning, seeing, and hearing) are eligible for accommodations. Civil rights laws provide for equal access, in higher education, students must request any needed accommodations to begin the process.  

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    Requesting an accommodation

    Students who need disability-related housing accommodations must contact Disability Resources at 651.523.2521 or sanderson65@hamline.edu prior to June 25 to discuss their needs and determine their eligibility.

    If you are requesting a disability-related accommodation, please follow the traditional application process and guidelines until a decision regarding your request has been made. Accommodations are impacted by the date that you have contracted for housing and contacted Disability Services. The earlier you contract for housing and contact Disability Services, the more likely it is that your request will be able to be accommodated. If your request is approved, you will be considered for a housing accommodation that first and foremost meets your documented needs. Building and room type preferences listed on your housing contract will be considered and honored if possible, but an assignment within your preferences is not guaranteed.

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    Meal plan exemptions

    If you are requesting release from the residence hall meal plan requirement, you should be aware that dietary restrictions do not always constitute a valid reason for canceling your meal plan contract. Aramark, Hamline University’s meal provider, is committed to offering food options that meet the needs of students on special or restricted diets. Appropriate documentation that verifies the conditions or circumstances that prevent the student from eating on the meal plan will need to be submitted to the Director of Residential Life. In general, documentation must be current and written by someone who has the credentials, expertise, and experience with the specific disability and qualified to make a recommendation.  

    If the specific accommodation is dietary, the documentation requires a physician (in an appropriate medical field) to describe your medical condition, its symptoms, and the length of time you have been under a doctor’s care. He/she must also write a detailed list of your specific dietary requirements (what you can eat, what you cannot eat, etc.), including a sample menu for at least a three-day period. Include an explanation of your medical condition, the length of time required for treatment, and any relevant details needed by college personnel to make an appropriate decision. 

    Once all documentation has been received and reviewed by the Residential Life Staff, the student will be notified regarding the status of their request. Please be aware that retroactive requests will not be considered. 

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