• Event Planning Best Practices and Resources

    Event planning is a complex undertaking, and can easily be overwhelming. The Recruitment and University Events office acts as a resource for the university community by providing ideas and resources for event planning and branding.

    An important element in creating a pleasurable event experience, is making sure an event is properly branded. Branding creates an environment that supports event objectives in a memorable and exciting way. It gives attendees the motivation to want to come, to perceive the event as the "place to be", and leaves them with a great lasting impression.

    In addition to branding an event, there are many “to dos” that go into planning a well-executed event.

    Here's a generic checklist to help as a guide as you plan your next event. This list doesn't include everything that needs to be done, and you'll want to personalize it for your particular event.

    • Determine what sort of event will accomplish your goal.
    • Contact the Classroom & Space Management Office to reserve your room space, order any special AV equipment needed, and provide room set-up.

    • Engage your speaker/group/entertainment and send a contract.
    • Contact Catering and set the menu.
    • Determine your publicity plan, contact the Marketing Department for assistance with invitations, program, directional signage, etc.
    • Compile the invitation list, obtain invitations, and send them (4-6 weeks in advance for formal events).
    • Touch base with your event participants, answer any questions and confirm their tasks.
    • Confirm your guest count with Catering.
    • Make nametags for event attendees.
    • Gather miscellaneous materials needed for the event (i.e. tape, pens, markers, signage, programs, etc.)

    • Host your event!

    • After the event, evaluate it and write thank you notes.