• Staff Diversity Development Initiative

    The Staff Diversity Development Committee is one of the sub-committees on the Diversity Initiatives Steering Committee which assist the Diversity Initiatives Office and the larger university community in advancing the diversity mission of the university. 

    The Staff Diversity Development Initiative (SDDI) is a framework for professional development training and educational opportunities that assist Hamline University staff members in: 

    • Developing knowledge, awareness and skills for strengthening their work in and with our diverse community of learners and workers;  
    • Supporting student learning, acclimation and success in the university community; 
    • Achieving their individual professional and personal diversity goals as outlined in their annual performance reviews; and  
    • Assisting Hamline University to achieve our diversity goals and aspiration in their respective roles, responsibilities and units. 
    • For more information about this year's program, view the Kick-Off Presentation and the Program Overview on right navigation bar.

      For more information on the many activities, programs and events that could count towards participation in the Staff Diversity Development Initiative, click on the 2014-2015 Diversity Events List below.

    • SDDI Fall 2014 Events
    • SDDI Winter 2015 Events
    • SDDI Spring 2015 Events

    •  In addition to programmatic outcomes, other successes from 2013-2014 include:   

    • Conducting an assessment of staff professional development interests and needs;
    • Streamlining the tracking tool for staff to provide a convenient and efficient way to track their participation in diversity events and programs;  
    • Improvements to the staff diversity website and other communication outlets; and 
    • Increased staff participation in the initiative.    

    Over 100 staff members participated in the initiative, including 54 staff members receiving special recognition. Of these, 18 members received gold recognition, 6 staff members received bronze recognition, and 15 received gold recognition.  

    Staff receiving top recognition for 2013-2014: 

    • Katie Adams, Center for Academic Services  
    • Molly Doran, School of Education  
    • Kimberly Feilmeyer, Bush Library  
    • Lori Larkin, Human Resources.  
    • Dorcas Michaelson, Human Resources  
    • Chris McGrath, Information Technology Services  

     Additionally, the Human Resources Office received special recognition for 100% staff participation in the Initiative.