• Safe Zone Network

    SZ LogoThe Hamline University Safe Zone Network is a group of university community members who are committed to addressing issues of importance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, interest, and asexual community through education and advocacy.

    Members of the Safe Zone Network participate in a four-hour introductory workshop and on-going educational sessions on issues of particular interest to the membership.

    Recent educational sessions have focused on such diverse topics as Coming Out, Religion and Spirituality, Legal Issues in the GLBT community, Bisexuality and Transgender Issues. Additionally, members have the opportunity to serve the Hamline University Coalition for LGBTQIA Issues.

    Created and launched in January 2005 by Student Affairs staff members, Javier Gutierrez and Carlos D. Sneed, to date over 500 members of the university committee have participated in the training and educational activities of the Safe Zone Network. Of these, 275 members are current members of the community, including staff, students, faculty and administrators.