• Queer2Peer Mentoring Program



    Do you identify as LGBTQIA? Are you a first year or transfer student?   

    Join Hamline’s Queer2Peer (Q2P) Mentoring Program for support, guidance and resources at Hamline. Whether you’re questioning your gender or sexuality or you have been out for ages, Q2P will connect you to your peers in a safe, confidential, one-on-one relationship with opportunities to connect in a group setting to Hamline’s LGBTQIA community! 

    APPLY TO BE A Q2P MENTEE by September 23rd. You will then be matched with a mentor, and introduced during the coming out week.    

    The purpose of the Queer2Peer Mentoring program is to help students develop a positive LGBTQIA identity while successfully adapting to life at Hamline. The Queer2Peer program helps foster mentoring relationships between faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students, that offer support, guidance and resources to LGBTQIA students at Hamline University.  

    APPLY TO BE A Q2P STUDENT MENTOR by September 23rd.

    Faculty and Staff- the Queer2Peer mentoring program is a great way to get involved in the LGBTQIA community on campus and share your knowledge with LGBTQIA students who may be new to coming out, new to the Twin Cities, and who are transitioning to life at Hamline. Faculty and Staff Mentors form the 3rd Tier of the Mentoring Program, serving as a resource to student mentors. For more information contact t. aaron hans