• Archived Race, Gender & Beyond Faculty Resources

    By Topic
    •    Advising/mentoring
    •    Assessing cultural competencies
    •    Civic engagement, democracy, and service learning
    •    Classroom climate
    •    Curriculum development
    •    Faculty diversity
    •    Religious diversity in the classroom

    By Academic Discipline
    •    Fine arts
    •    Humanities
    •    Natural sciences
    •    Social sciences
    •    School of business
    •    School of education
    •    School of law

    By Population
    •    African American
    •    American Indian
    •    English language learners
    •    First-generation college students
    •    Hmong
    •    International
    •    Latino/a
    •    LGBT
    •    Majority groups
    •    Non-traditional students (age, returning veterans, etc.)
    •    Somali
    •    Students with disabilities
    •    Women of all colors

    Hamline Bush Library

    •    Faculty Development Resources for Diversity: This web page includes an annotated list of faculty development resources that are related to diversity and available through Bush Library. This site also has links to other websites and tips for conducting research.

    •    Research Guides: This web page includes information about groups such as African American/Caribbean/African, Arab/Middle Eastern, Asian, GLBTI, Hispanic and Latino/a, multi-ethnic, and Native Peoples, as well as topics such as gender and racism.

    Hamline Law Library

    •    American Indian Law: This page helps with conducting research related to American Indian law. It contains sections on American Indian affairs, treaties, the Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation, and the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

    Hamline Office of Diversity Initiatives: This web page provides information on topics such as Hamline University's commitment to diversity, diversity policy, and diversity-related events on campus.
    Hamline Institutional Research Demographics: Basic demographic data about Hamline University is displayed on this web page. There are links to information by race and ethnicity, age, and geography. The page also contains links to "at a glance" facts, enrollment, and history.


    •    Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U): AAC&U has a variety of diversity resources for the college and university level. This site contains information about initiatives, publications, as well as meetings and institutes.

    •    Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD Network): POD Network is a resource for faculty development in higher education. This site provides an opportunity to connect with other faculty members. It also contains information about an Institute for New Faculty Developers.

    Other University Web Pages

    •    IUPUI: This web page has a multicultural online resource guide with a way to search the resource guide by topic.

    •    Texas A&M University: This web page has a dictionary and a definition of diversity, resources, and trainings for faculty and staff.

    •    University of Washington: This web page includes information and strategies for inclusive teaching, as well as links for assessment, learning styles, and promoting civil classroom conduct.

    If you have resource ideas or other suggestions, please send to diversity@hamline.edu to provide feedback.