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    Students are responsible for knowing the content of all policies and should review them regularly. Please contact the Dean of Students Office at 651-523-2421 (Bush Student Center 106, 107, 108) if you have any questions regarding any policy.

    The Dean of Students, Alan Sickbert, and the Assistant Dean of Students, Patti Klein, are in charge of the Judicial System and process at Hamline. Please refer to the university policies for more details.

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    Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act
    Sexual Violence Prevention
    Student Planner and Handbook

    Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

    In compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, please see below Hamline University’s resource and policy guide which explains:

    Campus policies and standards of conduct regarding illegal alcohol and drug use and related sanctions; Applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding alcohol and drug possession and use; Health risks associated with the use of alcohol and drugs; and Local treatment and counseling programs.

    Please read it carefully. All students are expected to be aware of the information contained in this document and the policies and procedures referenced within it. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact my office at 651-523-2421.

    I wish you continued success throughout the remainder of this academic year.

    Alan L. Sickbert, Dean of Students

    2009-10 Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Report 
    Hamline University's Resource and Policy Guide  

    Student Planner and Handbook

    The Student Planner is available to all undergraduate students at Hamline University and can be picked up at the Bush Student Center Front Desk.

    The Student Handbook is not officially printed for students.  All services and policies information contained in the Student Handbook is available on the Hamline website. The following link is a printed version for select offices on campus, and may be utilized by students. The Undergraduate Bulletin has additional information as it relates to academics.  Please check the most updated version of Hamline Policies online.

    Student Handbook 2013-2014

    Student Handbook 2011-2012

     Student Handbook 2010-2011