• Mental Health Emergencies

  • Life-Threatening Mental Health Emergency

    If you are in a potentially life-threatening situation as a result of a mental health crisis, you should call 911.

    Non-Life-Threatening Mental Health Emergency

    Residential Students:   If you have a non-life-threatening mental health emergency or question that cannot wait for regular C&HS hours, please contact your R.A. 

    Residential and Non-Residential Students:
      If you have a non-life-threatening mental emergency or question that cannot wait for regular C&HS hours, please call one of the following agencies.  Each has trained professionals answering phones 24 hours a day.

    24-hour Telephone Counseling and Resources

    Crisis Connection
    (612) 379-6363
    24-hour crisis counseling by telephone
    Suicide Hotline

    Ramsey County Mental Health Crisis Program
    24-hour crisis counseling, consultation, crisis assessment and crisis planning

    Battered Women's Crisis Line
    24-hour Metro Shelter Information

    24-Hour Hospital Crisis Intervention
    Call for assessment and admission assistance

    HCMC Psychiatric Services

    Regions Emergency Center

    Health East Crisis Intervention
    (Emergency admission also for chemical dependency)


  • Hamline News

    Join Multifaith Alliance on Monday, October 26 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Bush Center Multifaith Chapel. Come discuss and discover the Islamic faith in a fun, supportive space.

    Join Spectrum and Sexualities & Gender Diversity Initiatives to celebrate LGBTQIA History Month and Coming Out Day starting on Monday, October 12 for a full week of events.

    Sexuality & Gender Diversity Training takes place on November 4 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. in Law Building, room 6. Please pre-register one week in advance. Already completed this training? Register for the 102-104 series.