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  •  HILP - Service-Learning and Community-Based Learning

    Service-Learning and Community-Based Learning

    Service-Learning and Community-Based Learning as High-Impact Learning Practices (from AAC&U):  

    "In these programs, field-based “experiential learning” with community partners is an instructional strategy—and often a required part of the course. The idea is to give students direct experience with issues they are studying in the curriculum and with ongoing efforts to analyze and solve problems in the community. A key element in these programs is the opportunity students have to both apply what they are learning in real-world settings and reflect in a classroom setting on their service experiences. These programs model the idea that giving something back to the community is an important college outcome, and that working with community partners is good preparation for citizenship, work, and life."

    Service-Learning and Community-Based Learning Resources:

    LEAD/LEAP (Liberal Education as Practice) Resources:    

  • CTL News
    • New leader, who hails from College of William and Mary, brings interdisciplinary experience and a record of entrepreneurial success.
    • Professor Melissa S. Embser-Herbert has been appointed director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, beginning July 2012.
    • Hamline faculty receive tutorials for utilizing exciting new technologies like iPads and interactive multimedia in their classrooms.