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  • Information for Interviewers 

    The Practice Interview Program is a way for you to provide a "real" interview experience, offer advice, information, and constructive feedback to students so they can continue to develop their skills.

    Any Hamline alum, employer, parent, or community member with career expertise and knowledge or experience in interviewing can volunteer. Human resource experience is NOT required.

    Given the wide range of interests of Hamline students, we seek volunteers with all types of backgrounds including the arts, the sciences, law enforcement, corporate management, public service, and nearly everything else! 

    How do I sign up to volunteer?

    If you are interested in volunteering for the Fall 2014 Practice Interview Program, please contact Janaya Martin, Programming and Office Coordinator.

    April 7th - 10th, Anderson Center

  • Interviewer Testimonials
     "It was highly rewarding to get to work with the new generation of Pipers"