• Career Courses 

    Piper to Professional (GSTD 3010

    Piper to Professional: Essential Skills for Career Success is a 4-credit course, aimed towards juniors and seniors, designed to help Hamline students develop their personal brand and learn how to market their skills to potential employers.


    Students will increase their knowledge and confidence around networking and will develop a professional online presence. Students will learn the importance of professionalism and will gain the skills necessary to compete in today's job market. 

    Comments from students in previous classes:

    "Before taking this course I would have been completely lost when graduation came. Thanks to this course I feel a lot more prepared. Hands down the most valuable class I have taken while at Hamline. I couldn't imagine a more practical and useful course for students to take."

    "This class pushed me to do the things I was hoping to accomplish this year anyway. But it also led me to seeing the job search in a new light and provided me with tips on how to effectively be successful in the professional world."

    "Please Please Please make this a required course for students to take. I never realized the value [of] the higher private school tuition I was paying until I took this course. This experience for me was what paying higher tuition for 3 years made it all worth it. This course was excellent for finally forcing me to think [about] and plan my future in a way that only the most proactive students are doing on their own. Highly recommend that every student take this course."

    Register via Piperline during the J-term registration period. Space is limited to 20 students!


    Bridges Scholars (GSTD 1400)

    The Bridges Scholars course is a 4-credit class that engages undergraduate students in career and vocational exploration and planning. Bridges Scholars engage in the ongoing process of exploration and decision-making around the question, "What will I do with my life?"


    The Bridges Scholars course fosters the discovery of vocation through reflection, skill development, active listening, and the formation of supportive relationships. Students attend class and participate in activities, discussions, and assignments where they:

    • Explore their talents, passions, and values
    • Gain practical career and job search skills
    • Learn to effectively write and speak about their skills and goals
    • Ask the hard questions about who they want to be and what they want to do with their life
    • Avoid the "I don't know what I want to do!" panic

    Bridges Scholars are given the opportunity to take personality and aptitude tests, incorporate interest assessments into career planning, apply networking skills to "real world" situations, and participate in reflective exercises for the purpose of developing self-understanding. 

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    We recommend you submit this request THREE weeks in advance so we can create the best workshop possible to meet your needs.
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  • Joan Ostergren - Career Development Center

    Meet the Career Counselor

    "Career Development is an ongoing process. Each new job or experience helps individuals learn more about their skills, talents and values. I enjoy helping students and alums evaluate their current situation and identify steps that will help them find jobs and careers which align with their passions and lifestyles."  

    --Joan Ostergren 

  • Christine Jensen

    Meet the Career Counselor

    "I really enjoy helping individuals learn more about themselves and identify key components for a fulfilling career. Career development is a process that is always evolving and can take time- the sooner you start, the better!"

    --Christine Francis

  • Career Events

    Feb. 22
    9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    For the 40th year, Minnesota's Private Colleges will host the annual JOB AND INTERNSHIP FAIR on Wednesday, February 22, and Thursday, February 23, which stands out as one of the premier college/employer partnerships in the country.

    Apr. 21
    10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    Hamline students and alumni eligible to teach by December 2017 are invited to attend the 31st annual Minnesota Education Job Fair. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with school districts from across the nation.