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Nocella Publishes Chapter in Education Book

Anthony J. Nocella II, visiting professor in the School of Education, co-authored a chapter in Teaching for Global Community edited by César Augusto Rossatto.

Teaching for Global Community: Overcoming the Divide and Conquer Strategies of the Oppressor (2011) published by Information Age Publishing, examines issues among related others as a way to honor and re-examine Paulo Freire's principles and aims to take critical pedagogy in new directions for a new generation. The goal is to build upon past accomplishments of Freire's work and critical pedagogy while moving beyond its historical limitations. This includes efforts that revisit and re-evaluate established topics in the field or take on new areas of contestation. Issues related to education, labor, and emancipation, broadly defined and from diverse geographical context, are addressed. The theoretical perspectives used to look at these emerge from critical pedagogy, critical race theory, critiques of globalization and neoliberalism, marxist and neo-marxist perspectives, social constructivism, comparative/international education, postmodernism indigenous perspectives, feminist theory, queer theory, poststructuralism, critical environmental studies, postcolonial studies, and liberation theology, with a deep commitment to social justice.