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Nocella Co-authors Fiction Book

Dr. Anthony J. Nocella II, visiting professor in the School of Education, co-authored the newly released fiction book, Love and Liberation. Co-authored with Sarat Colling and published by Piraeus Books, the short story centers around a couple in Texas, that join the underground animal advocacy movement.

From the authors: Gabrielle and Andre are an everyday couple working up the corporate ladder in Houston, Texas. With a brand new condo, plans for marriage and successful careers, their lives are set – or so they think. One night while taking out the trash, Gabrielle inadvertently gets a glimpse into the underground world of animal liberationists. Unsure what to make of it, she begins an investigation which leads to some shocking realizations. Soon the couple is delving deeper into a covert movement of extreme animal liberationists labeled by the FBI as a top domestic threat. Armed with nonviolent tactics and love in their heart, the couple educates and trains to free those who are caged.