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    Hamline is a leader in ESL education.
  • Master of Arts in English as a Second Language

    Innovative educators who are passionate about teaching English as a second language and want to inspire, challenge, and make a difference in the lives of their students are in demand.

    Hamline School of Education's Master of Arts in English as a Second Language provides you with cutting-edge curriculum grounded in current scholarship, preparing you to maximize your students' language development through effective instruction based on the latest ESL techniques.

    With a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language from Hamline, you will:

    • Gain foundational knowledge in language systems and how they relate to instruction.
    • Understand the relationship between language and culture and how it affects learning.
    • Expand your knowledge of cultural differences and how they manifest in the classroom.
    • Develop the expertise to effectively motivate students while developing and assessing their skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    • Become an advocate for classroom and school environments that facilitate language learning and involve families and communities as partners.
    • Pose questions related to your instruction and develop the skills to systematically investigate those questions.


    Structure: Evening courses are offered weekly on campus and online during fall, spring, and summer.

    Time to Complete:   
    Students taking 8-10 credits a term can complete course work in 4-5 semesters (approximately 1 ½ years), and then have an additional 2 years in which to complete their capstone (thesis).

    Program Begins: Fall, spring, and summer terms.

    Curriculum: 34 to 43 semester credits, varies according to concentration area.
    Cost: $405 per credit, for the 2013-2014 academic year.

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    • School of Business Honorary Professor of Practice Reid Zimmerman's new book The Seven Deadly Sayings of Nonprofit Leaders, was released this week.
    • Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to make their summer count at Hamline. More than 80 classes will be offered this summer, allowing students to get into classes that they haven't had time to fit in their schedule or get ahead and graduate early.
    Andrea Echelberger
    Meet Andrea Echelberger, a graduate student in Hamline School of Education's MAESL program.
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    MAESL Promo
    Imagine taking three flights in an eight-seat twin-engine plane, boarding a midnight ferry, then trekking down a stretch of road—just to get to work.
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    Teachers, keep your skills and license fresh by taking a class. View course options by selecting Graduate Professional Development.