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    Careers and Internships

    So you have a Hamline degree. Now what?

    Use connections you made in your junior-year internship to find a full-time position, apply to graduate school after working one-on-one with a professor and presenting your own research, or forge your own path with the assistance of the Career Development Center. A Hamline education will prepare you to make a living and make a difference in the world.

    Internships and career preparation

    The Career Development Center offers signature services, like internships for credit and a practice interview program.

    They can also provide individual assistance on how to:

    • Identify your major and target career path
    • Perfect your resume and cover letter
    • Develop successful job and internship search skills
    • Find the right graduate school program

    Collaborative research

    Students often collaborate with professors on research projects in Hamline's collaborative research program, or go on their own and present at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. Collaborative research is a chance for students to hone their skills and beef up their resume.

    Graduation requirements

    The Hamline Plan, Hamline's nationally-recognized general education program, provides students with a set of flexible, goal-oriented skills and experiences that prepare them to enter the workforce.

    These graduation requirements ensure that students have opportunities to conduct independent studies, participate in internships, and develop the cultural awareness and critical writing, speaking, and technology skills sought out by employers in all industries.