• Academic Program Assessment

    At Hamline University, each academic program (undergraduate major or degree-granting graduate program) and each student affairs program has defined program-level student learning outcomes, and has aligned them with the university-wide learning outcomes, as appropriate. You can search for these outcomes by program name, school, or you can search for all program outcomes that are aligned with a particular university outcome.

    A program chair or director can edit the program’s outcomes by contacting Tracy Williams in Institutional Effectiveness at twilliams05@hamline.edu.  

    Hamline University Learning Outcomes
    Outcomes by Department
    Hamline Plan Learning Outcomes

    Reporting Requirements

    CLOA Program Review Process
    Program Assessment Plan Template 
    Annual Program Assessment Progress Report
    Reporting Review Cycle

    2016-17 Assessment Calendar & Submission Details





    Student Affairs

    By November 23: submit annual report & assessment plan to:

    Administrative Heads (CLA)

    Associate Dean + Chair of Assessment & Accreditation

    Associate Dean

    CLOA representatives

    By Jan 31

    Peer review has occurred

    By Feb 15, incorporate any feedback or revisions and send final draft of annual report & assessment plan to:

    CLA Dean + Divisional Secretary

    CLA Dean + Divisional Secretary

    Associate Dean + Program Coordinator

    Student Affairs Dean + CLOA representatives

    By April 15

    CLOA reviews documentation according to Reporting Review Cycle

    By April 30

    CLOA feedback sent to Deans