• Learning Outcomes Assessment 


    Learning Outcomes Assessment

    Hamline University
    1536 Hewitt Avenue
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    Stacie Bosley, Director of Assessment

  • Closing The Loop

    “Closing the loop” is the most important step in the continuous cycle of learning assessment. It is the collaborative process through which programs use evidence of student learning to gauge the efficacy of collective educational practices, and to identify and implement strategies for improving student learning. 

     Responses can range from curricular or pedagogical change to new faculty/staff development or student learning activities, and from comprehensive revision to evidence-based affirmation of current practice.

    Closing the Loop Workshop, by Raymond Zurawski (.ppt)

    Assessment Changes Everything, by Gerald Graff 

  • News
    • An opportunity for professors to pair their class with a Hamline Elementary class is available.
    • Hamline faculty and staff are invited to bring their families to vacation at the Hunky Dory Resort on Lake Clare near Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. For many years now, an anonymous donor has generously offered to pay for half of the cost to stay at the resort, which is just a short drive from the Twin Cities.
    • Hamline Information Technology Services (ITS) and Hamline Finance are pleased to announce the official start of the TechSelect technology acquisition program at Hamline University.