• Learning Outcomes Assessment

    The purpose of learning outcomes assessment at Hamline University is to ensure that our mission and values are realized in what our graduating students know, value, and can do.

    As charged by Hamline’s Strategic Plan for 2007-2012, all academic and student affairs programs are working to “adopt and assess university-wide student learning outcomes in order to improve student learning and advance a distinctively Hamline experience” (Strategic Objective 2.2).

    To ensure that these remain the goals of learning assessment at Hamline, the Assessment Standards were adopted and shared by the Provost's Office. With continued support of the Committee on Learning Outcomes Assessment, these standards are intended to guide faculty and staff through program-level assessment, and, in turn, university-level outcomes assessment. 

    Hamline University Assessment Standards

    Reporting Review Cycle by Program and Year  


    FY15 Reporting Requirements
    2014-15 CLOA Report Form (.doc)

    FY14 Reporting Requirements 

    CLOA Program Review Process 
    2013-14 CLOA Report Form (.pdf)
    2013-14 CLOA Report Form (.doc)
    Peer Review Materials 

    2014-15 Assessment Fellows

    In past years, CLOA has funded Assessment Fellows who proposed individual projects aimed at advancing assessment at Hamline. This year, CLOA has identified critical areas of assessment that would benefit from special attention (see list and link to descriptions below). Each 2014-15 Assessment Fellow will receive a stipend of $2,000, $1,000 to be paid at the start and the remainder at project completion. Progress, identified resources, and findings will be communicated through an on-campus presentation/workshop for faculty and staff and other appropriate documentation of results (i.e., report, website) for future use/distribution by CLOA. 

    Technology and Academic Programs 
    Capstone Experiences at Hamline
    Graduate Learning Outcomes
    Portfolios and Student Learning
    Hamline Plan Revision Implementation
    Critical Thinking at Hamline 

    Link to all Assessment Fellow Descriptions



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