• Health and Wellness

    Taking Care of You Physically and Emotionally

    You perform your best academically when you are well physically and emotionally. We have resources and facilities to help you maintain your health when you are well, and to help you heal when you are not.

    Managing Stress with Hamline’s Help

    You can help manage the stress of law school through:

    Restoring Wellness with University Resources

    If your physical or emotional ability to withstand all of life’s demands breaks down, Hamline provides:

    • Short term personal & academic counseling through Dean Crouse (acrouse01@hamline.edu)
    • Free counseling for individuals, couples or groups through Hamline’s Counseling Office
    • Ambulatory acute and preventive care services through Health Services. This may include evaluation and treatment of illness and injury, physical exams, etc.

    Supporting Students with Disabilities

    Students with documented sensory, physical, learning, attentional, or psychological disabilities may be eligible for support and reasonable accommodations through the university’s Disability Resources Office.

    Don’t know where to start? Contact Dean Crouse (acrouse01@hamline.edu).