• Diversity & Inclusion

    Providing a welcoming environment for everyone

    Together with university resources, our Office of Students & Diversity proactively encourages diversity and inclusivity through our admissions procedures, cohort study groups, experiential learning opportunities, student organizations, and more. Our environment of "inclusive excellence" emphasizes lively exchanges of ideas, critical thinking, and respectfulness of others. You gain an appreciation for others’ perspectives, ethnic traditions, and socio-economic status through meaningful interactions with individuals who may be different from yourself.


    Diversity and inclusion starts with admissions. Our Admissions team continually strives to build diverse, outstanding classes of academically talented students. (Class profile)

    Study Abroad

    International experiences are tremendous opportunities to gain a global perspective on both law and world cultures. We offer study abroad programs in Jerusalem, London, and Puerto Rico, and also encourage you to explore other ABA-approved study abroad programs.

    Student organizations

    Hamline Law has more than 30 active student organizations, including the Stonewall Alliance for LGBTQIA students, the Black Law Students Association, the Latino Bar Association, Latino Law Student Association, the Asian-Pacific American Law Student Association, and other lifestyle and cultural organizations. You are welcome to start a new organization if we do not offer one of interest to you. 

    Regardless of your ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, or religious views, you have a place at Hamline Law. If ever you feel less than welcomed, please stop by Dean Crouse’s office in Room 106A.