• Journal of Public Law and Policy

    The Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy provides a forum for both students and the legal community to engage in scholarly thought, analysis, writing, and discussion on a wide range of areas of law affecting national and international policy issues.


    One of the semi-annual editions is devoted to alternative dispute resolution topics. Non-ADR editions often take a special theme, such as pro bono legal services. Editions may include both outside articles, authored by professors, lawyers, and judges, and student articles, authored by second and third year law students selected as journal associates.

    The journal is governed by the board of editors, consisting of third year law students, which is responsible for directing the content of the journal, selecting both outside and student articles for publication, and preparing each edition for publication.

    The Journal of Public Law and Policy is a digital publication. All articles published in the Spring 2014 edition and beyond are available to download for free.


    Academic institutions are considered to be marketplaces of ideas, and in that role they serve as places of conversation and debate. We believe it is the duty of academic institutions like Hamline Law to host these scholarly conversations, as we do with our Journal of Public Law and Policy symposia, in an attempt to dialogue about important topics such as civil rights.