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    Gain exposure through Hamline Law's journals

    Hamline Law publishes two student-managed scholarly journals, the Hamline Law Review and the Journal of Public Law & Policy.  These journals engage members of the bar and judiciary on critical issues in the legal field while giving you, as a Hamline Law student, the opportunity to expand your legal analysis and writing skills. Both publications have a formal process each spring for selecting associate editors. Associate editors receive 1 credit per semester whereas members of the board of editors receive 2 credits per semester.

    Hamline Law Review critically examines current issues in the legal field

    The Hamline Law Review provides a forum for members of the bench, bar, and education communities to discuss topics of interest to the legal profession. It was established in 1978, and today, is in the top 20 percent of the Most Cited Law Reviews. It is published three times annually and is comprised of articles, notes, comments, and book reviews. Review our submission guidelines for article specifications.

    The Hamline Law Review also hosts or co-hosts symposia to delve deeply into current topics impacting the legal profession such as trade secret law, disability discrimination, legal concerns for end-of-life care, and reforming the secondary mortgage market.

    Hamline Journal of Public Law & Policy explores ADR and other thematic topics

    The Journal of Public Law & Policy is devoted to the discussion and analysis of contemporary legal and public policy issues. It provides a forum for both students and the legal community to engage in scholarly thought, analysis, and writing on a wide range of areas of law affecting national and international policy issues. It further extends this forum to a live setting with symposia on topics that have included 50 years of civil rights, minority rights/majority rule, barriers to justice, and more.

    Journal of Law and Religion

    From 1982 through 2013, the Journal of Law and Religion was headquartered at Hamline Law. The Journal moved to the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University School of Law in August 2013.