• Online MSL Capstone

    Capstone Research Action Project (3 or 4 credits)

    In the final academic term of program, each student completes a capstone research action project (3 credits in the conflict resolution concentration; 4 credits in the health care compliance concentration).

    Direct relevance

    The goal is for students to produce a project of direct relevance to their work-place (current or future).

    Research action projects utilize standardized approaches used in a student's chosen field such as creation of a legal compliance program, design of a workplace dispute system, or preparation of a conflict resolution curriculum. Research action projects are expected to be professional in their presentation and scope, but need not adhere to the formal thesis guidelines typically utilized in traditional academic courses.

    Three-day residency

    The MSL capstone experience includes a three-day residency, where each MSL student presents their initial project proposal and works together with cohort colleagues and instructors to refine it.