• In-Residence MSL Capstone

    Culminating your degree as you choose

    You can choose to enroll in a regularly scheduled law school seminar or complete a research action project for your capstone experience.

    Law school seminar

    Seminars require production of a substantial thesis-quality research paper. You are obligated to complete at least one well-developed draft, which the professor critiques extensively. You rewrite your draft(s) based on the faculty member's assessments. Enrollment in seminar classes cannot exceed 16 students. In a typical semester, five to six seminars are offered, including topics directly related to Institute subjects (e.g., dispute resolution, health law, and business law) that are most likely to be the focus of your MSL work.

    Research action project

    As an alternative to a seminar, you may complete a research action project in a 3-credit independent study. If you elect the research action project option, you prepare a project of direct relevance to your current workplace. Research action projects utilize standardized approaches used in your chosen field, such as development of an environmental assessment, creation of a legal compliance program, design of a workplace dispute system, or preparation of a conflict resolution curriculum. MSL action research projects are expected to be professional in presentation, but need not adhere to the formal thesis guidelines typically utilized by seminar teachers.