• LLM Emphasis Areas

    Structure your personalized course of study

    Our 24-credit LLM program requires only one course for all students: American Legal System. Working with your advisor, you choose your remaining credits from among the rich course offerings described below or approved School of Business classes. If you choose, you can specialize your studies in one of five areas of emphasis, which include recommended courses:

    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Hamline's nationally-ranked alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program prepares students to be excellent problem solvers. The development of highly formalized and sophisticated ADR procedures have changed the way modern society addresses conflict. Balancing traditional classroom experiences with simulations, externships, and clinic opportunities, ADR gives students an in-depth understanding of ADR both in theory and in practice.

    American Legal System

    Hamline's American legal system curriculum provides foreign lawyers in the LLM program the opportunity to explore the differences between their country's legal system and the U.S. legal system.

    • Comparative Law (3 credits)
    • Constitutional Law I (3 credits)
    • Legislation (2 credits)
    • Civil Procedure (6 credits)
    • Criminal Procedure I (3 credits)
    • Dispute Resolution Practices (2 credits)

    Business Law

    Hamline's international business law curriculum provides comprehensive training in corporate governance of international business entities, financing, trade, as well as negotiations and conflict resolution in the international business setting.

    • Antitrust (3 credits)
    • Commercial Transactions (3 credits)
    • Comparative Law (3 credits)
    • Contracts (6 credits)
    • Corporations (3 credits)
    • International Law (3 credits)
    • International Business Transactions (3 credits)
    • Securities Regulation (3 credits)
    • Unincorporated Business Entities (2 credits)

    Human Rights

    Hamline's Human Rights curriculum is designed to provide educational and research opportunities in observance of and respect for international human rights and fundamental freedoms. The program provides an opportunity for lawyers to develop skills and understanding to affect social change and foster international support.

    • Administrative Law (3 credits)
    • Civil Rights (3 credits)
    • Comparative Law (3 credits)
    • Constitutional Law I (3 credits)
    • Constitutional Law II (3 credits)
    • International Human Rights Law (3 credits)
    • International Law (3 credits)

    Intellectual Property

    Hamline’s Intellectual Property curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience in basic intellectual property law, and one or more of the areas of intellectual property specialization: copyright, trademark, or patent law.

    • Comparative Law (3 credits)
    • Intellectual Property (3 credits)
    • International Intellectual Property (2 credits)
    • International Law (3 credits)
    • Unfair Competition and Other Predatory Practices (2 credits)
    • Copyright Law and Related Rights (2 credits)
    • Patent Law (2 credits)
    • Trademark Law (2 credits)
    • Arts & Entertainment Law (2 credits)
    • Computer & Internet Law (2 credits)
    • Seminars and Selected Topics Courses (2 or 3 credits)

    International Law (all 3 credits)

    Hamline's International Law curriculum provides students with the skills to practice in a global setting. Prepare for careers in international trade and commerce, litigation, politics, and diplomacy. The Twin Cities' vibrant international business community provides an excellent setting for the study of international law.

    • International Law
    • International Business Transactions
    • conflict of Laws
    • Comparative Law
    • Admiralty