• Puerto Rico

    Learn about civil code and common law enforcement in beautiful Puerto Rico

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    J-Term 2016 
    Come to Puerto Rico to learn more about civil code and common law enforcement of the Rule of Law from Hamline Law Professor Larry Bakken. Through this course, you can:
    Gain an understanding of civil law principles in property, torts, contracts, family law, and estates

    • Compare and contrast civil law and common law

    • Examine the unique status of Puerto Rico's relationship to the U.S.

    • Become familiar with the fundamentals of law found in many European, South and Central American countries, Mexico, and Quebec

    • Learn about Puerto Rico's courts and history

    Course topics also include Puerto Rico's environmental law, criminal law, legal history, ethics, dispute resolution, civil rights, constitution, and legal and judicial system. Legislators, law faculty, judges, and practitioners lead discussions on current topics such as: real estate law; family law, including domestic violence and minors; inheritance law; estate law; reception of civil law in Puerto Rico; and the practice of lawyering in Puerto Rico. There are no prerequisites for this program.

    Course Requirements

    Grades are based on completion of written assignments, results on a take-home exam following the course, and class participation, making it in your best interest to actively participate in all classes. This is a two-credit course with an option to earn a third credit by completing a 10-15 typed page, independent study paper within three weeks of the course. Professor Bakken provides instruction for this paper at the first class and must approve your choice of topic.

    Transcripts or certificates are provided upon completion of the program requirements. The acceptance of any credit or grade for these courses by any school other than Hamline is subject to approval by your home school.

    Class Schedule

    January 7-14, 2016

    January 7, 5 pm - 9 pm

    January 8 -14, 9 am  1 pm 

    Class locations

    InterAmerican University Law School
    Federico Conta 170
    URB Industrial Tres Monjitas
    Hato Rev, Puerto Rico
    787-751-1912, ext. 2004

    San Juan Marriott Resort 
    1309 Ashford Avenue
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

    Registration and Application Process

    Hamline Law students:

    1. Register online when registration for J-term courses begins.

    2. Submit the Puerto Rico Study Abroad Agreement Form to Deb Lange in the Programs Office, Room 106A.

    Visiting Law students:

    1. Download and complete the Puerto Rico Application Form and the Puerto Rico Study Abroad Agreement Form

    2. Secure a letter from your school's registrar reflecting your status as a student in good standing with permission to take the course as a visiting student.

    Return all three documents to:

    Program Administrator, MS-D2005 

    Hamline University School of Law
    1536 Hewitt Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55104-1237

    You receive a confirmation of your registration via email when all three documents have been received.

    Application Deadline: November 25, 2015


    $2,626 for two credits
    $3,939 for three credits
    This amount is credited to your student account and is reflected on your billing statement.


    Hamline University School of Law reserves the right to cancel if fewer than 10 students enroll. Any cancellation or material alteration is promptly communicated to all applicants. In the event of cancellation, all tuition is refunded. In the event of material alteration, any student wishing to cancel must send a letter of declaration within seven days of notification to request a full tuition refund.

    You are responsible for travel to and from Puerto Rico. Hamline Law has no responsibility for such arrangements. Airfares can vary greatly. Make your travel plans early to take advantage of advance purchase options. The airport is San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. To make arrangements, please consult a good travel agent or visit a reputable travel website such as:


    You are responsible for obtaining your own housing in Puerto Rico. San Juan offers a range of accommodations, which can be explored via Internet sites such as:

    Properties located in Condado / San Juan are closest to the class locations.


    Contact: Deb Lange (dlange@hamline.edu)