• Study Abroad

    Gain a global perspective

    Through these international study opportunities and our diverse international law curriculum, we provide a global perspective in legal education and exceptional experiences at home and throughout the world. Globalization of our society, and growth in multinational businesses and transactions makes it important for you to gain international perspective on your way to being a fully prepared advocate for clients and employers.

    Hamline Law offers you three of our own study broad programs:

    These programs are offered during Summer and January terms, ensuring you stay on track to complete your degree on time. Participating in these programs does not expedite the completion of your degree and should be taken to expand your perspective on international legal matters and contexts. All are taught in English by faculty from around the world, including Hamline Law, other U.S. law schools, and academics local to the program.

    In addition to our programs, you can also enroll in other study abroad programs hosted by other ABA-accredited law schools.