• Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration

    Establish your business law specialty with a dual JD/MBA

    The dual JD/MBA from Hamline Law and Hamline Graduate School of Business prepares you for today’s complex business world and emphasizes themes of ethics, global awareness, strategic change, conflict management, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and effective communication.

    Law students in the joint degree program are able to integrate their sophisticated understanding of corporate, commercial, and regulatory law, and conflict management with a comprehensive foundation of business management concepts.

    The Hamline MBA is organized around four modules:

    1. Leading People with Intentionality and Purpose
    2. Managing and Leveraging Organizational Finances and Operations
    3. Understanding External Environments for Long-term Success
    4. Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

    MBA Courses Applicable to JD requirements

    • MBA Module 1 (10 MBA credits, transferring as 7 JD credits), consisting of:
      • MBA 8101: Management & Organizational Behavior
      • MBA 8130: Multicultural Communication
      • MBA 8160: Leadership Skills Development
      • MBA 8180: Management Ethics
      • MBA 8190: Business Process Management: People
    • One MBA elective: MBA 8101: Marketing for Managers (4 MBA credits, transferring as 3 JD credits), usually taken after the second year of law school

    To Apply

    You must apply separately and be accepted into both Hamline Law and Hamline School of Business. You begin integrating modules of the MBA after completing your first year of law school. Registration should be completed through the law school as long as you are attending there.

    Additional paths to business law knowledge

    In addition to the dual JD/MBA degree, you can establish a business law specialty through a Business Law Certificate, offered through Hamline’s Business Law Institute. If you want to simply gain general business knowledge that may help you in your career, you can take MBA core courses as electives toward your JD, up to 9 total law school credits (a 4-credit graduate school class equals 3 law school credits). Courses must be approved in advance by the associate dean, and registration completed through the law school.