• Juris Doctor/Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (JD/MAOL)

    Learn to lead and influence organizations ethically, effectively and enduringly with a JD/ Master in Organizational Leadership (JD/MAOL)

    The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership enhances your ability to lead and influence in an ethical, effective, and enduring manner within and among organizations. You can follow a general major or select a concentration that interests you from among: dispute resolution, health care leadership information services and technology, or strategic management. This joint degree is offered in conjunction with St. Catherine University.

    MAOL courses which can be used toward the JD degree include:

    • Ethics and Leadership
    • Organizations: Social and Political Structures
    • Communication and Ethical Issues
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Skills for Effective Decision-Making
    • Research and Analytical Skills for Decision-Making
    • Leadership and Spirituality
    • Managing a Diverse Workforce
    • Organizational Management of the Quality Process
    • Public Policy and Ethics
    • International Trade and the Global Economy
    • Leadership Communication
    • Strategic Management: Theory and Practice
    • Leading Organizational Change

    Up to 9 credits from the MAOL program transfer into the JD program. Up to 10 credits from the JD program transfer into MAOL program.

    Applying MAOL credits to your JD requirements

    • Obtain pre-approval from the associate dean for academic affairs before registering for any MAOL classes
    • You may receive up to 9 JD credits from approved MAOL courses you complete with a grade "B" or better
    • Courses transferred into the law school will be based on the law school’s evaluation of ABA standards
    • MAOL grades appear on your law school transcript but have no effect on your GPA
    • Students who transfer into Hamline University may not use MAOL credits toward meeting the law school's residency requirement

    For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office.