• Health Law Institute January Term

    HIPAA Privacy (Online)

    January 2016
    2 law school credits

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    Adjunct Faculty: TBD

    Description: The focus of this course is the privacy and security provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the foundation for federal protections of health care information. Additionally, the course will examine the interplay between HIPAA and other federal and state health privacy laws and the application and enforcement of those laws as they relate to privacy and security in a variety of health care settings.

    The objectives of this course include learning how to: (i) identify situations that implicate HIPAA and other federal and state health privacy laws; (ii) understand which provisions of the privacy and security laws apply to given situations and how to apply those laws; and (iii) understand the significance of sound security measures in an era of increasing electronic crimes. Given the breadth of the subject matter and short time allotted, students will not be expected to understand the full depth and complexity of applicable privacy laws; they will, however, be expected to understand key definitions and basic concepts under HIPAA and to analyze the interplay between HIPAA and other privacy laws, including basic preemption analysis.

    Online Learning: This course is taught using Blackboard and is administered asynchronously online. In accordance with ABA rules, law students are limited to four credits in online courses per term, and to no more than 12 total online credits towards their JD degree. Law students must have earned 28 credits before earning credit for online courses.

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    • Students must complete all class sessions and reading assignments.
    • Degree-seeking students must submit a written paper or complete a take-home examination after classes end as specified in each course syllabus.

    Course Materials

    The syllabus will be available and will include a list of the text/course materials which you need to purchase. Textbook: TBD


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    Degree or certificate-seeking students: $1,450 per law school credit
    Audit students: $725 per law school credit

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