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Sharon B. Press

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BA, The George Washington University School of Public and International Affairs
JD, The George Washington University National Law Center  


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Professor Sharon Press, director of the Dispute Resolution Institute, joined Hamline on July 1, 2009. Press served as director of the Florida Dispute Resolution Center for 18 years. She has been an adjunct professor, teaching mediation theory and general ADR survey courses at Florida State University College of Law, Hamline University School of Law, Capital University Law School and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Law School.

Press is the recipient of numerous professional awards, including the Mary Parker Follett Award for Excellence and Innovation in Dispute Resolution presented by the Association for Conflict Resolution and CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution's Special Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field and Future of Dispute Resolution. She is a Florida Supreme Court certified county and family mediator and also has mediated in a number of community mediation centers in Florida and New York.

Press is the co-author of an ADR textbook: Mediation Theory and Practice, with J. Alfini, J. Sternlight and J. Stulberg, 2001, second edition 2006 (LexisNexus). She is chair of the Association for Conflict Resolution Day Committee and serves on the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution's Legal Education Committee. Press also served on the committee that re-drafted the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators (2005) which have been adopted by the American Bar Association, the American Arbitration Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution. She has worked with numerous states throughout the U.S. contemplating the use of court-connected mediation. Internationally, she has done work in Haiti, Argentina, Uruguay, Hungary, Jordan, and the Caribbean.



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