Peter N. Thompson

Phone: 651-523-2983


BA, DePauw University
JD, University of Michigan School of Law


Areas of legal expertise: Trial evidence & procedure, criminal law, ADR

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Professor Peter Thompson has been a consultant and special master to the U.S. District Court in numerous cases, including the Reserve Mining environmental law case and the Consolidated Dalkon Shield and Searle Copper Seven IUD cases. His expertise in the areas of evidence and criminal law is reflected in his published works and research. Thompson has written a major treatise, Minnesota Practice: Evidence. He also has coauthored books on class action suits and courtroom practice, and has done extensive research and publication relating to mediation within the context of a litigated dispute.

Thompson has served as dean at Hamline University School of Law and as University Ombudsperson. He was selected as one of the “150 Lives that Make a Difference” (in Hamline’s 150 year history), Hamline University Exemplary Teacher (2001) and Student Bar Association Professor of the Year (1998 and 2000). Prior to joining the faculty, Thompson was the reporter for the Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee for Uniform Rules of Evidence. He was a law clerk for two federal district court judges and a faculty member at William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul.

He served as chair of the Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence and was chair of the Minnesota Supreme Court Committee for Professional Responsibility in Continuing Education programs. He is a frequent lecturer at CLE programs and is a member of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters.

Thompson teaches Criminal Law, Evidence, Civil Procedure, and Seminars on the American Jury and on ADR policy.



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