Mary Szto

Associate Professor
Phone: 651-523-2850


BA, Wellesley College (1981)
International Rotary Fellow, Chinese University, New Territories, Hong Kong (1981-1982)
MA, Westminster Theological Seminary (1983)
JD, Columbia University School of Law (1986)


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Professor Mary Szto teaches Contracts, Property, Torts, Business Organizations, and seminars in Chinese law, and race and the law. Her recent scholarship focuses on U.S. real estate agents and fiduciary duties; gender and the Chinese legal profession; and the relationship between traditional Chinese ritual and law.

She has also served on the faculties of Pepperdine and Regent Law Schools and spent time as a visiting professor at Hofstra, Santa Clara, Suffolk, Touro, the University of Detroit Mercy, and Xiamen University (China) Law Schools. Prior to entering teaching, Szto practiced commercial law in New York City and co-founded a legal aid organization.



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