Joseph Olson

Phone: 651-523-2142


AB, University of Notre Dame
JD, (Distinction) Duke University School of Law
LLM, University of Florida Law Center


"A business attorney is continually dealing with the future, continually calculating and exercising foresight to counsel a client. The legal aspects of business demand effort, compel earnestness, require knowledge, and grease the wheels of industry."

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Professor Joseph Olson is a leading authority on tax and business law. His treatise, Federal Taxation of Intellectual Property Transfers, was first published in 1986 and is updated bi-annually. He is a legal counselor's counselor, being called upon by colleagues for information on areas of business law.

Olson drafted the close corporation amendments to the Minnesota Business Corporation act and writes articles on corporate planning. He is a frequent lecturer and arbitrator in contractual disputes involving securities dealer-client and manufacturer-distributor issues. Olson has served as administrative law judge for the state of Minnesota and has consulted with judges, state legislators, and municipal officials.

Prior to joining the Hamline Law faculty, Olson was with Dorsey & Whitney. While in law school, he was elected to the academic honor society Order of the Coif. He was also an officer in the Air Force. Currently, Olson is president of Academics for the Second Amendment and serves on the board of directors of the National Rifle Association. He is past-president of The Corporate Counsel Association and has been on the Board of Minnesota Continuing Legal Education.

Olson teaches Business Associations, Business Planning, Contracts, Corporate Finance, and taxation courses.

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